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Li Wa - Parent of a TSW learner

“Joining the Story Weavers has been a game-changer for us on our homeschooling journey. [He] has learned so many valuable skills through his pod. Cooperation, communication, and leadership skills are so important for the rest of his life. He LOVES his pod and looks forward to it every week!”

Melanie Mace - Parent of a TSW learner

“This has been one of the best project-based learning programs we’ve found.”

Janet Cosentino - Parent of a TSW learner

My son lives for these projects and it absolutely brings such a positive layer to the learning. Their projects yield tangible results for us to keep and share with family (ie; a group cookbook or a shirt designed for charity).

What is The Story Weavers Academy?

We're a complete, project-based language arts program for K-12th graders! The Story Weavers connects kids from all over the world as they grow into magnetic story tellers and innovators.

Small Groups

Small groups and partner challenges foster real connections among kids and offer opportunities to hone communication skills for real-life.
Kids meet for weekly video calls.

LIVE Classes

Meet with your mentor and your pod-mates during live classes every week as you work through projects and develop your language skills. Daily open sessions and regular office hours make it easy to get help and stay motivated.
Children interact with their instructors and peers during video calls.

Customized Learning Paths

Personalized learning plans help kids get the support they need to thrive. Creative and experienced instructors help you customize projects, lessons, and activities to better connect with your child's interests and abilities.
Every child works with a customized learning path to help connect their projects to their educational goals.

Sebastian S. - TSW Learner

I never thought I was a very good writer. It just wasn't my thing, but one day I realized I'd just raised $600 to help feed hungry kids in my town. I guess I am a writer after all! I love The Story Weavers!

Nina T. - TSW Learner

I feel like the projects are mine, not just a list of assignments someone else thought up. The kids direct the learning just as much as the coaches do.

Kaaya S. - TSW Learner

I never feel left out or overlooked. A lot of other online classes feel really impersonal. Not The Story Weavers. I know I can always go to my coach. Even if I'm just having a bad day.

Liam R. - TSW learner

This is the most fun I've ever had with ELA!

How is The Story Weavers Different?

We're reviving education by injecting purpose and passion into every project.

  • Kids make an impact with each project.

  • Challenge families with deeper learning.

  • Focus on real-world communication skills.

  • Hands on projects and creative challenges.

  • Feedback offered by professional editors.

  • Kids form lasting bonds in small peer groups.

  • Connect with kids from around the world.

  • Join LIVE lessons and interact with instructors.

How Does The Story Weavers Work?

The Story Weavers is a complete, virtual language arts program for kids in grades K-12. The program fully replaces the traditional language arts and writing curricula with a purpose-driven approach that allows families to learn to become better communicators, together. Each element of our program is carefully designed and adapted to make education fun and functional for gifted, advanced, and non-neurotypical kids. Learners develop foundational skills in literacy, writing, critical thinking, and communication through project-based learning and the Socratic method. Students set and meet goals for themselves through daily lessons, mental models, group reflection sessions, and frequent personalized feedback from professionals.

2 Way Communication

Live lessons give kids the chance to connect with their peers, ask questions, and build momentum with their projects. The Story Weavers use these meetings as collaborative workshops, not lectures. Once a week students are presented with an opportunity to share their progress on their individual projects, explore how their peers interpret their writing, and debate relevant issues. Every meeting is a chance for your child to share, inform, and build relationships with their peers while they develop collaboration and communication skills designed for the real world.


Learners in The Story Weavers program connect individually with their pod-mates and form lasting friendships with their peers. Parents of kids in the program also have the opportunity to meet other parents through weekly calls and family-friendly activities. Members of our program tell us every day that they’ve finally found their people. Families from all over the globe have made friends and met, in person, for vacations, playdates, and even fundraisers.


Kids in our community work toward their unique goals everyday, and our goal is to equip learners with the communication skills they need to reach those goals. Traditional grading systems have been shown to distract students from their bigger goals and activate stress, anxiety, and unnecessary pressure in students. At The Story Weavers, we don’t use grades. We give genuine, custom feedback.

Who is The Story Weavers for?

Kids who are changing the world.

The Story Weavers was built for every kid who has ever felt like they see the world a little bit differently. We're helping kids reshape the language arts for their unique perspective.


We're a truly secular program where homeschooling families can find the support they need to thrive academically and the connections they need to blossom socially.

Talented Writers

The Story Weavers program challenges writers where they are and gives talented writers the opportunity to become published authors with feedback from professionals.

Families who Travel

Flexible projects and customized educational goals help kids stay motivated, challenged, and progressing with their education. The Story Weavers is perfect for english as a second language learners.

Frustrated Kids

Gifted, advanced, and non-neurotypical learners often find traditional programs disconnected and frustrating. The project-based approach to learning and the emphasis on real-world skills help make education approachable and inspiring for kids of every brain type.

How do I join?

Step 1:  Mark Your Calendar

Each week, learners meet with their pod-mates for one collaborative workshop. Kids also have the opportunity to join a daily, independent, open meeting to work through the projects together.


Ages 6-9
1:00pm EST
Ages 9-14
4:30pm EST
Parent Call
1:00pm EST

Ages 14+
4:30pm EST
Ages 14+
1:00pm CET

Open Meet
11:30am EST
Open Meet
11:30am EST
Open Meet
11:30am EST
Open Meet
11:30am EST

Step 2: Complete Your Enrollment

Enrollment opens semesterly, and each class has a limited number of seats. We offer places on a first-come, first-serve basis so be sure to reserve your seat early.

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Step 3: Follow Your Passions

Joining is that easy. Once your enrollment is complete, you'll schedule your very first assessment and start following your passions from the very first project.

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