With engaging projects and mentors who get it (not teachers!) we offer a language arts program developed specifically for gifted and 2E brains.

LIVE Weekly Classes

Pod members meet with their groups and mentors every week to put their communication skills to the test, present projects, debate ideas, work together to solve critical thinking problems as a team, and build core skills through games, activities, and thought experiments. 

Dedicated Mentors

Every member gets a mentor who can understand them. We know the gifted and 2E brain because we’re ALL gifted/2E ourselves or parents of gifted/2E kids. Mentors help kids progress through all 12 levels of the program by asking questions, providing resources, and inspiring creativity.

Personalized Feedback

We know that interest leads learning. Our team works with every family in partnership to build a personalized track for your child. That means the activities and resources your child is working on have been tailored to their unique set of skills, interests, and abilities, and every assignment they submit sparks relevant, thoughtful feedback.

Rigorous Curriculum

The Story Weavers Academy goes beyond basic grammar and outside the limits of standard literary analysis to create a sophisticated approach to language arts that is rigorous, challenging, and (most importantly) magical. 

A Community Who Understands

Communication is a two-way street. Our members (even you, Parent/Grandparent/Learning Partner!) get the opportunity to challenge what they think they know and find out what works and what doesn’t. 

Story Weavers never feel alone. Each and every member of our community has been right where you are.

Li Wa - Parent of a TSW learner

“Joining the Story Weavers has been a game-changer for us on our homeschooling journey. [He] has learned so many valuable skills through his pod. Cooperation, communication, and leadership skills are so important for the rest of his life. He LOVES his pod and looks forward to it every week!”

Melanie Mace - Parent of a TSW learner

“This has been one of the best project-based learning programs we’ve found.”

Janet Cosentino - Parent of a TSW learner

My son lives for these projects and it absolutely brings such a positive layer to the learning. Their projects yield tangible results for us to keep and share with family (ie; a group cookbook or a shirt designed for charity).

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