The Process

Our application process allows us to match your child with a coach who can support them. Every learner deserves an experienced advocate.

  • APPLY : Click "apply now" to complete the application form and share a few samples of work that you're especially proud of.

  • INTERVIEW : Once you've submitted your application, you and your child are invited to join an interview with a member of our team via live video. This is a chance for you and your child to introduce yourselves and talk about your passions.

  • DECISION: Within a few days of submitting your application, you'll receive a decision. If we have a coach that matches your learner profile, you'll get everything you need to access the classroom

  • ORIENTATION: Your first week with The Story Weavers will be dedicated to getting to know your coach, learning to use the platform, setting up your digital workspace, and connecting with your pod-mates.


Each week, learners meet with their pod-mates for one (1) collaborative workshop. Kids also have the opportunity to join a daily Work With Me session to get help and work through the projects together.

Families can choose from the following Pod meeting times and Work With Me sessions.

Pod 2.3
4:00pm EST
Pod 1.1
1:00pm EST
Pod 3.1
7:00am EST
Pod 2.1
12:00pm EST
Pod 3.1
6:00pm EST

Pod 2.2
6:00pm EST

Work With Me
11:30am EST
Work With Me
11:30am EST
Work With Me
11:30am EST
Work With Me
11:30am EST

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  • Can operate within our course schedule

    No matter where in the world you are, if your learner can attend one of our weekly pod meetings and operate around our Work-With-Me sessions, you're invited to be a part of The Story Weavers! We have families from all over the world already in the program, and would love to invite you as our newest member. Don't see a meeting time that works? Send us a message at We adjust meeting times to accommodate children all the time.

  • Stable internet connection

    In the world of connected learning, our days start and stop with our internet connection. Kids who join the program must have a reliable internet connection to get the most out of their time with instructors, peers, and lesson materials.

  • A computer with a webcam and microphone

    As a communication program, the ability to communicate with your words and your nonverbal cues is crucial. Many families find it helpful to invest in a good quality external microphone.

  • A distraction-free learning space

    In the same way that adults working from home find it important to set up a quiet desk or office space, children learning from home need a dedicated quiet space to work.

  • An adult at home with the learner

    While kids can independently navigate some of our course material, technology can be challenging at times. An adult learning partner helps kids troubleshoot technical difficulties and manage the emotional side of learning.


How does The Story Weavers charge?

Members can choose to pay annually ($2,316) or divide the payments into monthly installments of $193 per month.

What if I can't afford The Story Weavers?

Each year we reserve a budget for financial aid. If you can't afford The Story Weavers, reach out! We might be able to help. Apply for financial aid by sending an email to

When will I start?

We welcome new families into our program at the start of each month. Once you apply and receive your acceptance package,  you'll also receive the date of your first group meeting.