Harlan Hogan

His voice is heard around the world as a voice over and author

He is described as follows in his Wikipedia article: Harlan Hogan is a voice actor and author. He has provided the voice-overs for countless commercials, documentaries and films. Many famous advertising catch phrases such as: "Strong enough for a man...", "You never get a second chance to make a first impression...", "When you care enough to send the very best..." and "Quaker Life, It's the cereal even Mikey likes...", ranked 10th in TV Guides list of best commercials, have been performed by Harlan.[1] He has also written several books on the subject of voice acting. Date of interview: 16th September 2022

Colin Saele

Founder of ThinkLaw and Author of "Thinking Like A Lawyer"

Colin Seale, a teacher-turned-attorney-turned-education-innovator and founder of thinkLaw, uses his unique experience to introduce a wide variety of concrete instructional strategies and examples that teachers can use in all grade levels and subject areas. Individual chapters address underachievement, the value of nuance, evidence-based reasoning, social-emotional learning, equitable education, and leveraging families to close the critical thinking gap. Date of interview: October 12th 2022

Greg Webb

Podcast host of the award-winning Purple Rocket

The Purple Rocket has received a Parents' Choice Award! "The Parents' Choice Awards is the nation's oldest and most respected nonprofit program created to recognize quality children's media and toys." Date of Interview: 15th November 2022

Dr. Gina Simmons Schneider

Psychotherapist, Author and Conflict-Resolution Trainer

Dr. Gina Simmons Schneider is a licensed psychotherapist, award-winning blogger, certified coach, and corporate trainer. She is the author of Frazzlebrain: Break Free from Anxiety, Anger, and Stress Using Advanced Discoveries in Neuropsychology (Central Recovery Press, March 2022). Simmons Schneider serves as co-director of Schneider Counseling and Corporate Solutions, with more than 25 years of experience helping individuals, couples, families, and organizations manage anxiety, anger, stress, and conflicts. Date of Interview: 13. December 2022

Jay Heinrichs

New York Times Bestselling Author

I’m the author of the New York Times bestseller, Thank You for Arguing: What Aristotle, Lincoln, and Homer Simpson Can Teach Us About the Art of Persuasion. The book has been published in 14 languages and four editions with more than 500,000 copies in print; it’s one of the top ten books assigned at Harvard. He has served clients ranging from NASA to Southwest Airlines to the Wharton School of Business. Date of Interview 24. January 2023

Nick Winkelman

Athletic Performance Coach & Author

Nick Winkelman is the head of athletic performance & science for the Irish Rugby Football Union. His primary role is to oversee the delivery and development of strength & conditioning and sports science across all national (Men and Women) and provincial teams (Leinster, Munster, Connacht, and Ulster). Before working for Irish Rugby, Nick was the director of education and training systems for EXOS (formerly Athletes' Performance), located in Phoenix, AZ. As the director of education, Nick oversaw the development and execution of all internal and external educational initiatives. As a performance coach, Nick oversaw the speed and assessment component of the EXOS NFL Combine Development Program and supported many athletes across the NFL, MLB, NBA, National Sports Organizations, and Military. Nick completed his PhD through Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions with a dissertation focus on motor skill learning and sprinting. Nick is a recognized speaker and consultant on human performance and coaching science and has numerous book chapters and peer reviewed papers focusing on the intersection between coaching language and athlete learning. Date of Interview: Feb. 14th 2023

Cicely Wedgeworth

Senior staff editor at The New York Times

Now Senior Staff Editor of The NY Times, Cicely was the former managing editor of Realtor.com and a former copyeditor at The Los Angeles Times. At News Corp’s Realtor.com, Cicely oversaw coverage of the real estate market, including shepherding investigative stories about discrimination against working women applying for mortgages in the 1970s and the persistence of racist language in real-estate deeds. She also edited advice stories on various aspects of buying and owning a home. During her 13 years in Silicon Valley, Cicely also worked in corporate communications at eBay, and as a front-page producer for Yahoo. Cicely copyedited at The Los Angeles Times from 2000 to 2008, including five years on the Foreign Desk that began just a few years before the Sept. 11 attacks. She copyedited a story on the Beslan hostage crisis that was part of Kim Murphy’s work on Russia for The Los Angeles Times that won Kim a Pulitzer Prize for international reporting in 2005. Cicely has a bachelor’s degree in social anthropology from Harvard and a master’s degree from Columbia University’s School of Journalism. The Story Weavers has interviewed Cicely on February 17, 2022.

Julie Skolnick, M.A., J.D.,

Founder of With Understanding Comes Calm and 2eResources.com

Julie Skolnick, M.A., J.D., is the Founder of With Understanding Comes Calm, LLC, through which she passionately guides parents of twice-exceptional children, trains educators, mentors 2e adults, and advises clinicians on bringing out the best and raising self-confidence in their clients. Julie is the creator and producer of 2 Days of the 2e Virtual Conference featuring content from thought-leaders in the fields of gifted and twice-exceptional education. The Story Weavers has interviewed Julie on March 8, 2022.

Dr. Jennifer R. Mercieca

Professor in the Department of Communication at Texas A&M University.

Dr. Jennifer Mercieca is a historian of American political rhetoric. She writes about American political discourse, especially as it relates to citizenship, democracy, and the presidency. Jennifer has published three books about political rhetoric: Founding Fictions, The Rhetoric of Heroic Expectations: Establishing the Obama Presidency, and Demagogue for President: The Rhetorical Genius of Donald Trump. Courses taught by her range from propaganda, political communication, social movements, rhetoric in western thought, argumentation to American public discourse before 1860. The story Weavers kids got to ask her questions in September 2021. You can still see her recording in our library.

Debbie Reber

The TiLT Parenting Podcast

With more than 250 episodes and 3 million downloads, the Tilt Parenting Podcast is a top podcast about learning disabilities, special education, ADHD, autism, giftedness, twice-exceptionality, and more. The weekly show features transformational interviews and conversations with authors, parenting experts, educators, and other parents, as well as insightful conversations between Debbie and her differently wired child, all aimed at supporting parents raising differently wired kids. The Story Weavers interviewed Debbie in February 2022.

Mike Horowitz

Hollywood scriptwriter of Turner & Hooch and more

Michael Horowitz is a Hollywood producer and writer, known for Turner & Hooch, The Gifted, Complications, This Guy Is Falling, Burn Notice, Prison Break, Love Bites, and many more. The Story Weavers interviewed Mike in January 2022.