Imagine ditching boring ELA worksheets for fun projects that make a real impact on the world.


You're in the right place.

Your child can build communication skills and advance through a rigorous ELA program while working on fun, inspiring projects like...

✔ Misinformation Presentations
✔ Investigative Journalism
✔ Poetry Publishing
✔ Live Debate
✔ Tutorials
✔ Entrepreneurship
✔ Fundraising
✔ Political Activism
✔ Publishing a Book
✔ STEM Projects
✔ Free-to-join elective classes

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Join the Spring semester LIVE class and a world-class program for $1,200.

Includes open-and-go projects, lessons, and a dedicated live mentor for every week of the Fall semester.

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The Story Weavers is the ultimate project-based language arts program designed specifically for gifted and 2E families.

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Why are we "designed for gifted?" 

Because gifted, 2E, and non-neurotypical learners need a flexible program that can support asynchronous skill development, purpose-driven interests, and personalized learning.

As a member, you get:

  • 16 weeks of personalized lessons and activities
  • Weekly small-group meetings
  • Access to a devoted mentor
  • Feedback on every submitted assignment
  • An invitation to the parent community
  • Access to live interviews with experts
  • Free-to-join electives
  • A complete language arts program that covers grammar, writing, reading comprehension, and communication skills.
  • Access to our selection of electives including astronomy, theatre arts, public speaking, and book clubs for parents and kids.

Homeschooling should be magical and personal. The Story Weavers ELA program allows you and your child to learn through inspiring projects and totally customized lessons. 

A personalized, structured program eliminates time spent planning and adapting the curriculum to your child, and lets you spend more time doing the fun stuff; taking projects to the next level.

Students can enroll in the Spring program for just $1,200 for the full 16-week semester. 

You've got to hurry though! There are limited spaces available. This is a live program with qualified mentors, so we can only accommodate a limited number of students.

Small classes ensure each student receives personal, genuine attention, and each family gets the support and customizations they need.

Our team has been featured by:

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Live classes and 1:1 attention from experienced professionals create a supportive, personalized program.

  • 6-9 Year Olds: Tuesdays 1pm EST

  • 9-14 Year Olds: Wednesdays 4:30pm EST

  • 14+ Year Olds: Tuesdays at 4:30pm EST

The totally customized projects we have worked on during the Fall semester...

Poetry Sampler


Become a literature critic during this short, warm-up project. Explore diverse poetry selections from North American, South American, Middle Eastern, and East Asian authors.



This three-week-long project challenges kids to explore the impact of their voices and experiment with tone. Learners work as a team to plan, outline, script, record, and edit a podcast episode designed to spark emotion and understanding in an audience.

Investigative Journalism


Kids become investigators in this three-week-long project. Young authors use their research skills to form a topic question, interview sources, use the note card method to organize information from a variety of sources, and create a piece of investigative journalism based on the standards set by professional news organizations like the New York Times, Huffington Post, and USA Today.



Finish the semester with a cultural poetry study and explore how activists, entrepreneurs, and artists use poetry to communicate today.

The projects aren't all there is. You'll also get...

Weekly Memory Work

Develop a daily review routine and explore snippets of poetry, art, music, vocabulary, and key grammar principles.

A Dedicated Mentor

1:1 Support for you and your homeschooler to help you take your projects to the next level, overcome struggles, and find other families to connect with. You'll get a monthly focus area and customized resources to help your child fill in gaps and build on areas of interest.

Invitations to LIVE interviews with experts

Members are invited to participate in live interviews with industry experts like Cicely Wedgeworth; senior staff editor at The New York Times, Julie Skolnick, M.A., J.D., founder of With Understanding Comes Calm and, Dr. Jennifer R. Mercieca professor in the Department of Communication at Texas A&M University, and lots more.

Take a sneak peek at project 7, Design & Sell

Each month of the year brings with it a unique project. Members who join us for the full year will complete 9 portfolio-building projects. The Fall semester will work on projects 1-4, the Spring semester will work on projects 5-8, and those of you join us for the holiday intensive will take on the 9th project in our annual line up.

Refund Policy

The Story Weavers is a rigorous program that pushes kids to grow as communicators and critical thinkers. As this is a digital product, refunds are not available once you have purchased it, as we only accept a limited number of students each semester. Check out the two-week sample to see if it's right for your family.

Free Bonuses to Inspire Your Summer

The summer can be long for homeschoolers waiting to start on new curricula. But, we've got your back. To help you get comfortable with The Story Weavers material and keep your learner sharp over the summer months, we've built a special project that we're gifting to new members.

STEAM Challenge

Value $99.00

The STEAM Challenge is a three-week-long project perfect for summer tinkerers and helps families develop critical thinking, detailed observation, and smart recording habits while combining Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and the Language Arts.

Summary Skill Builders

Value $75.00

Summarization is a foundational skill for strong writers. Good strategies for summarization help critical thinkers form big ideas and develop a deeper understanding of literature. The Summary Skill Builders book is a collection of twelve unique levels of summarization practice that step learners up in comprehension levels.

Spelling Cards

Value $135.00

Printable spelling cards for levels A, B, and C, break down the most troublesome spelling patterns into weekly word lists and helps students improve their spelling accuracy. Word lists are based on national spelling bee drills and help kids prepare for standardized testing, spelling bees, and competitions. 120 Weeks of spelling program material covers grades 1-5.


How flexible is The Story Weavers regarding scheduling?

Learners are expected to attend their weekly group calls, but all other meetings are optional.

Are there grades?

We use genuine, detailed feedback and 1:1 development sessions to help kids improve and develop as writers and speakers. We use a custom developed rubric to keep track of each learner's usesage and application rates of each skill set.

What are the technology requirements?

Students in the program need stable internet access, a computer with a reliable camera and microphone, and a distraction-free space to learn. Many families find it valuable to invest in a good quality external microphone.

Can I get reporting documents?

If your local system requires documentation in the form of assessments or reports, we can work with your family to produce the necessary documents.

Meet the team

We’re a small team of passionate homeschooling educators, entrepreneurs, and global citizens. Each of us has felt the limitations of resources available for our non-neurotypical kids and, together, we've decided to do better. We prioritize professional experience over teaching experience. We value individual attention over mass application. And we agree that communication is at the heart of all that we and our children will pursue. We're building a community of parents like us who believe our kids deserve a place to feel safe, accepted, and celebrated.

Here's a quick review of everything you're getting with the The Story Weavers LIVE for just $1,200.

When you join The Story Weavers Academy, you get...

Project 1: Poetry Sampler
    (Valued $99.00)
Project 2: Podcasts
    (Valued $99.00)
Project 3: Journalism
    (Valued $99.00)
Project 4: Poetry
    (Valued $99.00)
Weekly Memory Work
    (Valued $25.00)
A Dedicated Mentor
    (Valued $1,120.00)
Weekly Group Classes
    (Valued $1,200.00)
Access to Parent Calls
    (Valued $480.00)
Expert Interview Invites
     (Valued at $480.00)
STEAM Challenge
    (Valued at $99.00)
Summary Skill Builders
    (Valued at $75.00)
Spelling Cards
    (Valued at $135.00)
Up to 3, LIVE electives
    (Valued at $1,890.00)

Total Value of individual products: $5,900.00

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