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A Peek Into The Story Weavers

  • ELIGIBILITY: Kids in grades K-12 are invited to participate in The Story Weavers program

  • FORMAT: A complete, virtual language arts program inviting kids to blend online meetings and offline challenges.

  • SUBJECTS: The Story Weavers covers English language arts, writing, spelling, literacy, critical thinking, public speaking, and team skills.

  • INTERNATIONAL: The program is open to anyone who can attend our LIVE sessions. We serve learners from around the globe!

  • SMALL GROUPS: Kids are divided into small groups of between 2 and 15 learners depending on their unique learning needs.

  • EDUCATOR: Professionals in the education and publishing industry support kids every day.

  • RATIO: Each coach works with a maximum of 12 students.

  • SOCIALIZATION: Learners can connect daily with friends and educators for classes and fun calls.

  • CALENDAR: Pods meet once a week and kids are invited to attend daily Work-With-Me sessions at 11:30am EST.

  • REQUIREMENTS: All you need to get started is a stable internet connection, a computer with a webcam, and your beautiful brain!

The Principles of The Story Weavers

  • Interest Comes First

    Interest-based learning is the only option. We commit to building an educational environment that is designed to follow a child's unique interests, encourage their passions, and shape every activity around our student's lives.

  • Prioritize Personalization

    Every child is unique and their path to education is, too. We're committed to building our programs around the child as an individual. Adaptations, adjustments, and alterations are the default, not the exception.

  • Purpose Driven

    We've banished the concept of "learning to learn" to the farthest reaches of academia. Every lesson, every discussion, and every interaction is centered around a real-life connection to communication.

A curriculum that brings passion and purpose back into education

Our custom fit, project-based program consists of the main elements.

  1. LIVE virtual meetings
    Students meet once a week with their pod to discuss new concepts, play games designed to build connections to their lives, and challenge their perspectives.

  2. Purpose-driven projects
    Each month, families are presented with a unique project. These missions are built to be shaped around your child's interests, inspire deeper examination of the learner's passions, and ignite a spark that sets families on a path of learning together and making real change in the world.

  3. Personalized Learning Paths
    We believe that our kids have outgrown the "one-size-fits-all" approach to learning. Every child in the program gets a custom set of focus areas and support, materials, and attention tailored to their needs.

We offer daily Work-With-Me sessions where kids can get help, ask questions, and connect with their peers as they develop the social and communication skills they'll use for the rest of their lives.

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Assessments built for kids, not the system

Gifted, 2E, and advanced kids are especially incompatible with the typical testing style of evaluation. Why? Two works. Non-linear thinking. At The Story Weavers, kids won't ever find tests. 

But how do I know if my child is progressing?

Each month, learners receive a set of focus areas from their coach. As kids submit daily assignments and participate in group discussions, coaches are supporting the development of these focus areas and helping kids build internal processes for using and improving specific skills.


Observations happen as kids practice and explore. There are no test, no final project evaluations. We determine areas of focus by looking for patterns kids apply in their daily forms of self-expression. This approach helps us understand if kids are making real-life connections with topics, rather than theoretical ones.


Deep learning is led by interest, and interest requires exploration. Our primary purpose is to help kids explore. We don't strive for perfection, we encourage progress through detailed and conversational feedback with instructors, presentations to your group, and community projects.

Purposeful Framework

Our program is built on a single, core question. "How will the child use this?" We've developed an original framework to help kids develop skills they need in real-life.

Say "Hello" to your people

The Story Weavers isn't just for kids! It's a program and community for families. Connect with other parents and supporters of gifted, 2E, and advanced kids with weekly parent calls. We get it. We know the struggle. We wanna share! Expert-led panels, interviews, mini-courses, and parent support programs extend our community to the whole family.

Learning as a lifestyle

Kids who love art, sports, science, and even Minecraft are encouraged to explore their passions. The Story Weavers builds in this foundational respect of every child's varied interests by offering support and flexibility in every project. We encourage kids to use their passions as the foundations of their projects and explore new interests throughout the year. Kids who practice new skills and document the journey can earn Pathfinder badges in recognition of spending 100, 200, or 300+ hours spent on personal development. Mini classes on goal-setting, organization, note-taking, and more help kids take responsibility for their own education and foster executive functioning skills. Learner-led groups (like book club!) give kids the chance to be leaders and innovators.

A day in the life with The Story Weavers

Every family has their own rhythm and routines, so every child's day-to-day schedule looks a little different. Our program is flexible and gentle enough to accomodate your child's needs. Your day with The Story Weavers could look a little like this!

  • 9:30am : Check in with your coach and peers by attending a daily Work-With-Me session.

  • 10:00am - 11:45am : Independent coursework across other core subjects

  • 12:00pm : Lunch

  • 1:00pm : Weekly group meeting with The Story Weavers

  • 2:30pm - 3:00pm : Work on your Story Weaver project

  • Fridays are free at The Story Weavers! There are no instructor-led sessions on Fridays, but kids are encouraged to join student-led meet ups and connect with their friends and peers.

  • Learners meet frequently with their coach 1:1, and can schedule private meetings as needed.

A year with The Story Weavers

Members of The Story Weavers participate in 3 main semesters of learning. In the fall, students work in groups on projects that throw into focus team skills and communication strategies. In the winter, the focus turns to creating change with their ideas. Winter projects give kids the opportunity to develop research and reasoning methods. Projects in the Spring take on a more creative flair. These missions challenge kids to create and document their ideas in new and unexplored ways, all the while nurturing the core foundations of grammar, style, and structure.

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Offline + Online = ♡

Our kids are growing up in a world that pairs communication and technology like never before, but every child has their own tolerance for screentime. Students can blend offline and online learning with The Story Weavers. Learners can use our custom classroom to access materials and join group discussions. We use the same tools the professionals do to create and edit content. Ready for some offline time? Every project includes a printable companion guide for parents and students, making unplugged learning easy and consistent.

Supporting your student with The Story Weavers

The Story Weavers was created as a way for parents and children to learn and grow as communicators, together. Parents have the opportunity to guide their children through daily lessons and act as a discussion and debate partner as they analyze new concepts in between weekly group calls. Parents in our program report spending about 30 minutes per day, on average, exploring lessons with their children. This is a hands-on program and we're thrilled to support parents as they learn alongside their children.


How flexible is The Story Weavers regarding scheduling?

Learners are expected to attend their weekly group calls, but all other meetings are optional.

Are there grades?

We use genuine, detailed feedback and 1:1 development sessions to help kids improve and develop as writers and speakers. We use a custom developed rubric to keep track of each learner's usesage and application rates of each skill set.

What are the technology requirements?

Students in the program need stable internet access, a computer with a reliable camera and microphone, and a distraction-free space to learn. Many families find it valuable to invest in a good quality external microphone.

Can I get reporting documents?

If your local system requires documentation in the form of assessments or reports, we can work with your family to produce the necessary docuemnts.